Munchies Donut Box

Munchies Donut Box


Before we begin: this product CANNOT be shipped. Local orders only.

This box is available ONLY on 4/20/18. Each box will have the following four donuts, all brioche raised (not vegan, not GF):

Chocolope: a brownie "patty" between a brioche donut bun, i.e. a great way to have an excuse to eat a donut and a brownie at the same time. Someone once said Orlandough donuts were too tall so we decided to troll them back with an even TALLER doughnut. Can you handle it? This donut "burger" is glazed with house made caramel glaze, topped with salty mini pretzels, and finished with house made fudge sauce.

Maui Wowie: a brioche bullseye, i.e. lazy filled donut that looks pretty. The center is filled with mango compote, then it gets coconut glaze, hibiscus glaze drizzle and rolled in toasted coconut. You will basically feel like you are in Maui, wowie.

Presidential OG: Munchie food intro donut feat. mini M&M's and potato chips (Ruffles, of course), resting atop a v sophisticated Nutella and peanut butter glaze. Salty, meet sweet.

Space Queen: hold on to your pants because this gal's got it going on--strawberry glaze topped vanilla and classic Oreo crumbles, then drizzled with bright blue birthday cake glaze and finished with Fancy sprinkles (edible gold stars, FTW)

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Our facility: We are a cottage production (for now) so our facility is our home! We appreciate you supporting us as we grow this little dream on a tight budget! The location is 2007 Dartmouth Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789. This will be the address at which you can pick-up orders.

We do offer delivery. However, the price for delivery is based on your address so it is not included in your purchase on the site. We will have to invoice you separately. Pricing breakdown: within 5 miles is $5, 6-15 miles is $10, 16-20 miles $15, beyond that you will have to elect pick-up. We calculate this distance by mapping the distance between your address and the one listed above (yes, we are v high tech).